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Vantage Contracting Ltd.

This is Jeff, a strong intelligent young man who has spent several years working with us.  Jeff is currently pursuing an education at U.C.F.V. with an interest in laser technology.  Jeff has been a loyal and dependable employee who I very much enjoy working with.  He takes direction well yet can be left on his own and is able to make intelligent, productive decisions when necessary.  Jeff is a quick learner and will excel at what ever he applies himself to. He is currently working with us on a part time basis.  I can't introduce you to Jeff without making mention of his brother Jared.  Jeff filled His brother's shoes when Jared left to pursue a journeyman's ticket in the field of carpentry.  Those were some big shoes to fill as Jared was an excellent employee who was very much missed.  I am happy to say that Jeff has all the same great qualities we grew to count on with his brother and then some.