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Vantage Contracting Ltd.

Hi, my name is Jay and I am the one who has created this web site. 
I have been working with my dad Eric full time for about 11 years now. I have been with Vantage Contracting Ltd. for around seven years. I brought to Vantage Contracting Ltd. skills and experience gained working with my dad and guys like Bruce Morrison and Mark Bitz. I am well rounded and able to do what ever needs to be done. Because we have a small staff of highly skilled people I think of myself as the everything guy but my job in the field is that of foreman, grademan, pipelayer. In the office I handle a lot of the estimating and email correspondence.  I have a good rapport with many of the key people in the Fraser Valley who are involved in all aspects of construction and development. I have found this to be a very valuable asset and enables me to run a job smooth and efficient. I know the importance of listening and I enjoy making suggestions and developing plans of attack. I get support at home and help on the job from time to time from the girl I love and married, Stephanie.